This blog contains very little in the way of a production lesson. Instead, it’s mostly for entertainment. However, without a doubt, there are some amazing production techniques that go into producing a great sounding mashup. I talk a bit about what a mashup is and give you an example of a mashup in a Reason song file in my blog, More Than a Mashup. That’s my take on a mashup. Now, Party Ben has taken it to a whole other level and is mashing up not only songs but the video too! Check this out, it’s skillfully done and way too funny.

    Hah. How interesting. It’s actually a nice relief to hear that at least one DJ’s clever and smart. I would never have thought to mash anything with the Andy Griffith theme song.

    Definitely a lot to take from that. Great things come from unexpected places.

    - Stephen

    haha! nice.

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