I was going to do a video on how to play drums on your MIDI keyboard controller, but I can’t top this guy. Well, maybe I could, but he’s just way to entertaining to pass up. How he’s playing the drums on his little keyboard is indeed a method used by the pros. And, the only thing I’d add is, when you’re recording your drum parts into your sequencer, if your timing isn’t as spot on as his, enable input quantize and set it to sixteenth notes. (Also, make sure that you’re playing along with your sequencer’s click track or the input quantize won’t mean anything.) This way, nearly everything you play will sound cool and you too can be a rock-and-roll keyboard drummer!

    That’s it! I’m getting one! Time to through out my 88-key Motif and get what the pro’s use. haha This video gets a 5-star from me!

    Oh My goodness! This dude goes off on a keyboard drum-solo like nobody’s business!


    I know it’s not a keyboard but still David Haynes is amazing :)

    Thanks for posting, Erik. That was very entertaining xD

    There’s also some neat keyboard playing of drums on this video of NI True Strike Tension (although it’s a review and he’s long-winded, so there’s a lot of non-playing too): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJzpDOpCelE

    This guy is amazing…. He should be hired to teach “Advanced Drums on Keyboard” on Berklee. LOL…. Nice Video…


    Hahaha… Hilarious!

    “This is rock & roll!”

    Hey Erik,

    I was always wondering how to play my pom poms! (grin) I wonder if Anthrax is still looking for a drummer. He plays a mean double bass yowsa! I’ll be seeing you this Fall.

    P.S. How’s the skateboard park?


    Bloodclaaat! Amazing..and humorous

    Excellent talent

    Haha! That was awesome! “This is rock-and-roll!”

    Thanks for sharing!
    - Ryan

    Thanks for sharing your views which let others give chance to give a try to play drums on keyboards.

    When I used to produce music I did this all the time. It would have been nice to have a drum pad but I managed to get buy with a MIDI keyboard without any issues. I had drum machines Boss DR-660. But I always controlled it through the sequencer and a controller keyboard.

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