As promised, I’ve finally put together a comprehensive video about using Propellerhead’s ReCycle software and how to create your own REX loops. ReCycle continues to be a wonderful tool for slicing and dicing loops. It’s a true music production classic software program. The video pretty much explains it all. Enjoy!

    Excellent tutorial…However, what is the purpose of making slices if you are just looping the 2bars?

    To create a REX loop, to have tempo control over each beat slice in the loop, to be able to rearrange the individual beat slices, to avoid using a time compression/expansion algorithm (like Live’s Warp or Pro Tools’ Elastic Audio), to preserve drum hit transients which can become smeared when using a time a time compression/expansion algorithm. Working with REX loops is just another production technique. A tried and true production technique, I might add :-)

    thanks Erik,,congratulations, in south america need us so mucho to lear to use the software to have better jobs or products..
    thanks again..

    Great video! The way that I usually slice loops in Recycle is terribly slow compared to this. Thanks for posting this one Hawk!

    Love the video. I know Recycle very well, but would always like to see more detailed information about the effects in Recycle!

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