Peter Gabriel Remix

Jul 02 2010

Please vote for my remix at indabamusic by clicking on the widget below, and ask all of your friends to vote for me too. Voting goes until July 15, 2010. And, if you send me to London I promise to bug Gabriel for all of his best production tricks so that I can bring them back here and share them with all of you.

As a rule, I don’t generally have time to enter the many amazing remix contests offered on But, this time, I couldn’t pass up a chance to remix a classic Peter Gabriel song, “Games Without Frontiers”. And, more importantly, a chance to have Gabriel listen to my work and maybe even meet him in London! That’s just to cool of an opportunity to pass up. With everything that Gabriel has done in his life, both musically and as a philanthropist, he’s definitely a hero of mine. So, I went for it.

Remixing is a form of music production. Just like producing a song for an artist, the object shouldn’t be about imposing your musical ideas on another musician’s composition and performance. Instead, it’s about helping the artist and their material to be the best that they can be. To this end, I think it’s important to respect the songwriter’s original message and the vocalist’s performance when remixing, especially when the vocalist is the songwriter. Ideally, the recognizable elements of the song, such as vocal phrases and guitar lines, should be audible in your remix. With this in mind, I felt “Games Without Frontiers” could benefit from a more guitar-driven, pop rock arrangement, with a full kit played over an updated Roland CR-78 drum loop, and a touch of orchestral elements for added texture and movement.

In these videos, I take you on a mini tour of my “Games Without Frontiers” remix session using Pro Tools and Reason. There’s a lot to explain in this session, so I broke the tour into two videos. The first focuses on drums and rhythm section instruments (bass, guitars, piano, etc.). And, the second focuses on orchestral elements, voice parts (lead and backing vocals), and mastering. I’m also attaching the Pro tools session file, without its audio files, to this blog so that you can look through the session and see how it’s all set up.

Peter Gabriel Remix Session Video Tour (Part 1)

Peter Gabriel Remix Session Video Tour (Part 2)

*Remember, you can double click on these videos and watch them directly on YouTube to see them in HD.</em

The session file as a Zip.
Download directions:
Right-click PC and from the pop-up menu choose, “Save Link as…”
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    Hi Hawk!!
    I have just vote for your remix!
    Good luck!!

    Great Videos, Great Remix.

    Thank you for going over how you mastered this track.

    All the Best,

    Freaking awesome remix! Stands on its own apart from the original. Looking forward to hearing your new album. Be sure and announce the release.


    Thanks guys! Keep the votes coming, tell all your friends. :-)


    What a great post! Thank you for providing an inside view to your process and thinking behind your awesome remix! You have my vote! I hope you win!


    That is so cool Hawk. The remix is great! Thank you for making this video it is perfect add to your Remixing With Reason course, and mixing and instruments you use and mastering. I really appreciate it. You have my vote.


    Hey Dude,
    To be totally honest with you, Your remix is Better than the original. No Joke! Check out a similar software that can do the same thing and get the same great bass and instrumentals that you hooked up on the remix.

    Thanks! You can grab yourself a free copy of the remix here :-)
    Scroll down to the bottom of the music player, track 15.

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