I’ve received many requests for tutorials on writing/producing a hip-hop or dance beat. In theory, this is a nice idea. In reality, there’s just no way you can encapsulate all of the creative and technical know-how that goes into writing and producing a great sounding beat in a single tutorial. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from trying, because even if I can’t pack all of the relevant information into one tutorial, it’s still worth doing for the information that I can share in about a ten-minute video.

So, I threw on some clothes, my Remix Miami T-shirt, didn’t bother to shave, set up the camera (top view down so you could see my hands on the control surfaces), and wrote a hip-hop style beat off the top of my head. It took me around 40 minutes, but I edited the whole process down to about a 12-minute video. Obviously, there are some parts missing, such as playing with MPC backdrops for Kong, or running the hi-hats through a compressor. But, if you watch carefully, it’s all there, because in addition to the techniques I describe as I’m working, you can also see all the device settings and the connections when I flip Reason’s rack over. The video is in HD so you can totally see all the details. I used Reason 5, Kong for all the drum sounds, and Thor for the bass line. Enjoy!

    Thanks for posting this – there are many musicians out there who want to take a “do-it-yourself” approach to mixing and mastering. For those starting out, this is a good project.

    Thats great Erik. I love watching your tutorials. Kinda missing that this term after doing it every week for 12 weeks last term. Good to see them on your blog.

    Hey Hawk,
    Nice tutorial, you rock dude!

    it was nice listenning to your teaching on hip-hop drum beat and bass tutorial,i learn alots.

    Thanks for sharing this is a gold mine for aspiring musician who wants to make their own music…

    That was really awesome, keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it. Nice and concise tutorial with some nice sound results.

    Cool video Erik. Love the tweaking you can do in reason, make feel like your in a real studio!

    You guys really did good job,Awsome article!
    Very helpful site at all!

    Admiring all the trouble you set into your blog. I explicit liked this post. Best regards

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