Remixing Links

Aug 14 2008

Student’s who are not in my Remixing with Pro Tools and Reason course often ask me where they can find material to download for remixing. Below is a list of my favorite sites. Most of the sites require you to sign up, but it’s well worth the effort.

For a cappellas (vocals only versions): (One of the best free a cappella sites on the Web.) (All the Beastie Boys acas you’ll ever need!) (If you want something original, not a commercially released aca, you’ll find it here.)

For contests and breakout tracks (short stereo loops): (An oldie but a goodie.) (Both independent and name artists regularly offer breakout tracks for remixing, some are for free and some will cost you.) (Mostly indie artists offering breakout tracks for free.) (A personal favorite. Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records offers select artist tracks for your remixing pleasure. Talk about having the opportunity to get in on the ground floor!)

Of course, there are many other sites with tasty tracks to download for remixing too. If you know of one, or more, please share them. And, of course, don’t forget about my book, The Complete Guide to Remixing.

Real World Remixed Web Site